Arcadia Rainbow - Mini Voyager Purse

Arcadia Rainbow - Mini Voyager Purse

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D E S C R I P T I O N:

The Rainbow Mini Voyager comes in Arcadia Leather with the right amount of vintage pop of color. Its the perfect little bag for the growing tot in your life. 

Handmade in Southern California. 


D E T A I L S: 

- each bag is made of premium leather in arcadia with tri-color rainbow with two white clouds.
- measures approximately 5" & 4.25".
- 35" leather strap is suitable for toddlers + young children to wear as a crossbody bag. 
- little bag has a rainbow stitched securely.
- natural markings on the leather make each bag unique + one of a kind.

Bag will age and distress with wear and this is intended.