Boho Floral Leggings

Boho Floral Leggings

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These leggings are 100% organic cotton, knit, cuff leggings.

All the seams are serged for added durability and strength.

These leggings are not pre-washed so they are cut and sewn a little larger than size to allow for shrinkage.


NB | 13" waist |
0-3M | 14.5” waist |
3-6M | 15.5” waist |
6-12M | 16” waist |
12-18M | 17” waist |
18-24M| 18” waist |
2/3T | 18.5” waist |
3/4T | 19” waist |
4/5T | 20” waist |
5/6T | 22" waist |
Waist measurement is before elastic stretching.


Each pair of pants is handmade so the pattern placement and size may vary slightly due to the cut of fabric used.

Washing instructions: The preferred method is to hand wash these leggings but you can also wash them using a phosphate-free detergent in cold water on the gentle/delicate cycle to prevent color fading and excess shrinkage. Hang or lay flat to dry.